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Our TasteBuds are not just friends of Rendezvous Junction, they are our trusted advisors.  We rely on our TasteBuds as our Advisory Board for crafting great beer. 

Becoming a TasteBud

$150 + tax

Annual Membership Fee ​​​

TasteBud Privileges

  • 15% discount on beer and merchandise (includes To-Go)

  • Taproom use of exclusive TasteBuds 16oz glass (3oz extra on 13oz beers)

  • At the end of the year, your TasteBud glass goes home with you

  • Free 5oz pour for each new release

  • First in line to purchase barrel-aged and bottle projects

  • Attend TasteBud exclusive RJBC events

  • Early access to New Releases

  • Serve as Advisory Board Tasters on R&D Pilot Brews

Sign up at the taproom or call us at 479 381 7501

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