Year Round

Grillin' N Chillin' 

Brewer's Notes
American Light Lager
4% ABV
11 IBUs
120 Calories, 12 oz serving

Our version of a light low calorie American lager specifically designed to bridge the domestic to craft beer gap.  Whether you're new to the craft beer scene or a veteran, this is a great lawn chair beer for spending the afternoon grillin' n chillin'.


Czech your Fly 

Brewer's Notes

A rich Pale Czech lager with considerable malt and hop character. This complex pilsner has a hop bitterness without harshness that gives it a rounded lingering finish. Zip this one up when no one's looking.

Premium Czech Pilsner
5% ABV
31 IBUs
170 Calories, 12 oz serving


Brewer's Notes
Unfiltered Wheat
4.8% ABV
12 IBUs
135 Calories, 12 oz serving

Confidently grab one of these and schmooze all you like.  This refreshing German-Style Hefeweizen showcases yeast-driven banana and aromatic spice along with an eye-catching mystical cloudiness that will win over the beer geek or the neophyte alike.


Brewer's Notes
White Wheat Ale
5.5% ABV
15 IBUs
151 Calories, 12 oz serving

A smooth white wheat ale brewed with honey.  The subtle citrus influence with faint notes of banana make this easy drinking beer perfect for a well-earned shindig with friends after a long hard day.



Brewer's Notes

We pressed the boundaries with this elegant malt forward bready-rich aromatic light amber lager. Expect a soft, smooth, clean slightly toasty flavor with moderate bitterness, that finishes relatively dry leaving you wanting another sip. This beer likes to mingle with the Märzens and party with the Festbiers yet finds it’s home as an everyday Vienna-style lager. Grab one and meet someone new. Mingling will stretch your boundaries.

Vienna Lager
5.8% ABV
19 IBUs
150 Calories, 12 oz serving


Brewer's Notes
Belgian Table Beer
4.5% ABV
17 IBUs
130 Calories, 12 oz serving

This clean sessional blonde is our version of a Belgian Trappist and French Saison table beer. It was created while our brewer was monkin’ around blending yeasts and spices. This unique blend of styles produces a remarkable and distinctive nose, a curious fruitiness of plum, orange, lemon and grapefruit with just a hint of coriander spice.



Brewer's Notes
Cream Ale
6.0% ABV
17  IBUs
169 Calories, 12 oz serving

We all have that song that we just jam to when we hear it.  Well, we’ve managed to capture that in a glass.  This cream ale is light, yet creamy smooth, rich in vanilla with just a touch of honey.


Brewer's Notes
Pale Ale
5.9% ABV
27 IBUs
205 Calories, 12 oz serving

An untraditional malt forward American Pale Ale and distant cousin to Lollygagger (DIPA) rich in 2-row, Munich and caramel malts.  Generous late addition hops bring out the flavor and aroma without the bitterness.



Brewer's Notes
American Pale Ale
5.2% ABV
135 IBUs
195 Calories, 12 oz serving

How it all started. How d'ya Do was our very first all grain home brew and we saved the recipe for the Grand Opening of our taproom.  It is a single hopped Pacific Northwest Cascade Range inspired American pale ale teeming with grapefruit and citrus notes backed with some soft floral and spice.


Brewer's Notes
New England Style IPA
6.8% ABV
29 IBUs
244 Calories, 12 oz serving

This New England-Style is packed with layer upon layer of citrusy hops. In fact, it’s not single, or even double, but TRIPLE dry-hopped utilizing four different varieties. With a complex malt profile heavy in oats and wheat, Love me or Haze Me is not only tangy, juicy and tropical, but ever so soft and smooth. New to Rendezvous Junction? Prepare to get Hazed.   



Brewer's Notes
6.3% ABV
72 IBUs
202 Calories, 12 oz serving

When Irish malts are teamed up with American hops the result is a serious contender for the title.  A must try for any IPA lover.


Brewer's Notes
Double IPA
7.4% ABV
94 IBUs
264 Calories, 12 oz serving

Enjoyment of this American DIPA begins before it hits the lips.

As your nose takes in the mosaic blend of hops, brace yourself before tackling this prized jewel & brewer's favorite.  Complex flavors including tropical fruit, citrus & earthy pine will make you a lollygagger before you know it.



Brewer's Notes
Imperial IPA
10.3% ABV
71 IBUs
288 Calories, 12 oz serving

Inspired by our friends from the Pacific Northwest.  This Imperial IPA bad boy is brewed with juniper berry, sage and is teeming with hops from the great northwest.  Caution: Drinking too much of this beer may result in unusual behavior including engaging in shenanigans.


Brewer's Notes
7.4% ABV
52 IBUs
235 Calories, 12 oz serving

This smooth and creamy Baltic porter has distinctive roasted, coffee, vanilla and chocolate flavors.  Lots of love for the craft go into making this treasure.



Brewer's Notes
8.3% ABV
52 IBUs
275 Calories, 12 oz serving

Pssst.  We’ve taken the original smooth and creamy Eavesdrop Porter and filled it's ears with more dark caramel and chocolate malts, then added a careful whisper of our favorite local Onyx cold brewed coffee with just a touch of vanilla to round it off.

All Aboard! 

Brewer's Notes

This is the American Stout for everyone. It's roasty, toasty and tasty, with notes of chocolate and black coffee. The hardy malt backbone is paired with an unpronounced hop profile leaving the unwary drinker to wonder - "Was I always meant for the dark side?" Impeccably smooth and unapologetically drinkable -  You don't need tickets to ride this train.  All Aboard! 

American Stout
6.2% ABV
35 IBUs
150 Calories, 12 oz serving


Brewer's Notes
Spiced Amber Ale
7.0% ABV
37 IBUs
230 Calories, 12 oz serving

This seasonal amber abbey ale features all the aromatic spices you would find in a traditional chai tea, bringing a taste of Fall to this smooth Vienna style amber.



Brewer's Notes

This full-bodied lager is very food-friendly and rich in melanoidins reminiscent of toasted raisin bread.  Dark fruit flavors compliment the malty sweetness with a warm finish. Careful with this one.  It will have you discombobulated.

8% ABV
16 IBUs
280 Calories, 12 oz serving
Brewer's Notes


Red Lager
5.9% ABV
19 IBUs
150 Calories, 12 oz serving

A Marzen Style Oktoberfest lager brewed with Irish stout, premium caramel and roasted barley malts resulting in a rich malt-forward lager with subtle hints of coffee and pepper that finishes dry encouraging another sip.



Brewer's Notes

A fundamental brewer's right is the freedom to craft a light white wheat ale  and ferment it on a train load of peaches. Enough said.

Fruited Wheat Beer
5.8% ABV
15 IBUs
160 Calories, 12 oz serving
Brewer's Notes


5.4% ABV
19 IBUs
192 Calories, 12 oz serving

An elegant, malty German festbier lager with a clean, rich, toasty & bready flavor and dry finish that may give you the subconscious desire to break out in the traditional Oktoberfest chicken dance.

Side-Tracked Series
Our Sours, Wild Ales & Funky Brews
Brewer's Notes


This Berliner Weiss is light, tart, and loaded with lemon peel. Low in carbs and ABV, this German wheat beer is refreshingly on point, like a well-timed Weisscrack.

Berliner Weiss
3.8% ABV
7 IBUs
99 Calories, 12 oz serving
Brewer's Notes


American Sour Ale
5.0% ABV
20 IBUs
155 Calories, 12 oz serving

A dry-hopped mixed fermentation American wild sour is hauling a boxcar load of ripe & tangy citrus.  Mildly tart & delicious with characteristics of pineapple, mango, and orange zest.

Brewer's Notes


American Wild Sour Saison
5.8% ABV
6 IBUs
160 Calories, 12 oz serving

This raspberry hibiscus saison & wild American sour is our celebratory tribute to the front line responders, rescue & healthcare providers that served in reviving our founder and his subsequent recovery from an accident in June 2020. Coincidently this beer also overcame death in the kettle and found new life in the fermenter. Raising a glass to all who serve to keep us safe. 

Brewer's Notes


Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse Ale
6.8% ABV
25 IBUs
187 Calories, 12 oz serving

After experimenting with this style for years, we bring you our version of a Mixed Fermentation Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale. Like harvest celebrations of old and the barn-burner parties of Appalachia for which it's named, “Hootenanny” is a big time party. Blended yeasts brings a pleasant earthiness with a complex funkiness that, when combined with a healthyAmarillo dry hop, is beautifully fragrant. Full bodied with a healthy ABV, the elaborate profile is indescribable, yet welcoming. We invite you all to join us for a Hootenanny. 

Switcher Series
Our small batch explorations
Brewer's Notes


A Hawaiian inspired pineapple, orange and guava sour.  This Refreshingly tart ale translates as "Hello, good friend".  

Mixed-Fermentation Sour Ale
4.0% ABV
11 IBUs
130 Calories, 12 oz serving
Brewer's Notes


This easy drinkin' hazy American Pale Ale totes a Maris Otter bready backbone, Caramunich and Honey Malt sweetness and a boxcar load of Citra® hops throughout it's journey.  So Citrazzdown and enjoy ride. This one will go quickly! 

Hazy American Pale Ale
5.8% ABV
36 IBUs
213 Calories, 12 oz serving


Brewer's Notes
Session IPA
5.0% ABV
84 IBUs
140 Calories, 12 oz serving

Delayed at the malt mill, this golden IPA's precious cargo had to be diverted from its original course for an extended stop at the hop yard.  Running with a lighter malt load and all hopped up with citra and mosaic, this session IPA is destined to derail your train of thought.  ALL ABOARD!

Brewer's Notes

Fortunate Mishop

We inadvertently dry-hopped Just Jammin' with a heavy does of Citra and Mosaic hops, so we ran with it.  What goes well with a great creamy base malt and fruity hops?  How about a dry hopped Peaches and Cream ale? 

Dry Hopped Fruited Cream Ale
6.0% ABV
19 IBUs
169 Calories, 12 oz serving